Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti (FHHH) is a 501(c) (3) non profit charitable foundation headquartered in New York whose aim is to provide access to medical care to underserved areas in Haiti. The foundation’s primary philanthropic focus is providing healthcare to the poorest and underserved areas of Haiti. Our core belief is that healthcare is a human right and as such we collaborate with other organizations and support projects that have positive impacts on the communities we serve. FHHH relies on donations from individuals, civic groups, religious organizations, and corporations to achieve its goal of providing services to the poor.

The January 12 2010 earthquake had a devastating affect on the impoverished nation of Haiti. Even prior to the earthquake healthcare statistics were bleak. 47% of the population has no access to basic healthcare. Recent data showed that there are about 1400 physicians for a population of over 11 million.


FHHH runs 3 fully staffed healthcare facilities (Ile a Vaches, Vignier, and Carries). We provide free medical care to approximately over 30, 000 patients per year and our US medical teams provides continuous training and support to the Haiti based staff.

Consistent with our goal of providing comprehensive medical care, our clinics offers services previously not available in the communities such as X-ray, delivery room, pharmacy and laboratory. We provide access to dental care, eye care, and other specialists.



FHHH extends its support to the community beyond providing healthcare. We offer social and education support where it is needed. We support local schools and orphanages. We distribute free medication, food, clothes, toiletries, and toys. We collaborate with local, national, and international organizations to enhance community development and improve the quality of life of those who need so much.