You can get involved by making a donation or joining us. No donation or degree of involvement is ever too small. We truly believe that with your contribution we can make good and lasting changes. The conditions in Haiti for many are dire. The night is darkest before the dawn and your donation is the seed that will ensure that Haiti’s brightest days are ahead.



You can join us as a volunteer even if you are not able to travel to Haiti. We are seeking both dedicated medical and non-medical individuals who are committed to helping our mission of bringing hope and health to Haiti. No matter what your skills are, you are welcome and needed. Medical volunteers of all specialties and expertise can participate in medical trips arranged by FHHH.


  • Conduct local fundraising drives in the US to support FHHH’s services and program.
  • Donate goods: food, medical supplies and equipment, medication, clothes. Conduct food and clothes drives.
  • Lobby on behalf of FHHH and its mission.
  • You can help in our social media campaigns.
  • Spread the word about FHHH’s efforts to help the people of Haiti.
  • Provide administrative help and coordinate medical trips.
  • Travel to Haiti to supplement, support and train Haiti based team.
  • The need is great. We need nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, therapists,  mental health workers, as well as anyone who is willing to pitch in

We welcome volunteers with expertise in construction, electrical skills, computers, education, community development, and in all healthcare fields.


Join us on a medical trip. All disciplines are needed and welcome. You are bound to have a collegial, educational, and rewarding experience. Helping others is addictive; you will want to continue to help the people of Haiti and will certainly want to return. Volunteers are encouraged to continue their participation in patient care using telecommunication links to Haiti. Volunteers will be supported and assisted by FHHH members and local staff to facilitate and enhance the efficiency of delivery of care. We appreciate and welcome any contributions and do not set a limit to the length of your volunteering. 

Contact us at info@FHHH.org for more information.


Healthcare professionals who cannot travel to Haiti can still be active participants with FHHH by providing consultations, advice, and training to our Haiti based staff using telecommunication links and telemedicine.


You can assist in the procurement of medical supplies and medicine for our medical trip and healthcare facilities in Haiti.


You can add your expertise to the development of our treatment and disease management protocols.



You can join our mailing list by providing us your name and email address. We will make sure to keep you informed of our progress and let you know when we need volunteers for an upcoming trip.


By joining our mailing list, you will also receive our quarterly newsletter which includes a summary of our trips, photos, success stories and updates on how we are making a difference.