Haiti’s healthcare statistics in Haiti are astoundingly worse than the regional average. The need for low-cost preventive healthcare services cannot be overstated.

  • An estimated 40% of people in Haiti lack access to healthcare services.
  • The greatest barriers to accessing primary healthcare in Haiti are not having money for treatment (90% of respondents) and distance to a health facility (74% of respondents).
  • Sadly, the leading causes of death and disability (heart disease, stroke, respiratory infections, and diabetes), would be preventable by better access to primary care services
  • Haiti’s life expectancy is 17 year less than that of the US
  • Only 43% of children receive all the recommended immunizations
  • Only 25% receive the recommended vitamin A supplementation
  • 59 percent live under the national poverty line of $2.42 per day.
  • Malnutrition and under nutrition are significant problems
  • Access to clean water and sanitation is lacking in many communities
  • In term of expenditure for healthcare, Haiti ranks last in the Western Hemisphere
  •  It is estimated that there are 1400 doctors to care for a population of 11 million with most centered around the capital
  • Number of nurses and trained midwives reported at slightly less than 1000
  • Access to dental care is sorely lacking

FHHH’s healthcare facilities provides much needed and quality care to those in need. An increase and retention of Haiti ‘s healthcare force is crucial in solving the aforementioned issues, as such we provide training, mentoring, and the necessary tools for our Haiti based staff to not only care for their communities but also to encourage them to remain the country.


FHHH provides free access to primary and specialty care to all. No one is ever turned away. Sante pou tout moun. (healthcare for all)